29.12.10 // 10:29

// “The problem with the Internet, however, is that it lets anyone become otaku about anything instantly. In the ’80s, you couldn’t get up to speed on an entire genre in a weekend. You had to wait, month to month, for the issues of Watchmen to come out. We couldn’t BitTorrent the latest John Woo film or digitally download an entire decade’s worth of grunge or hip hop. Hell, there were a few weeks during the spring of 1991 when we couldn’t tell whether Nirvana or Tad would be the next band to break big. Imagine the terror!

But then reflect on the advantages. Waiting for the next issue, movie, or album gave you time to reread, rewatch, reabsorb whatever you loved, so you brought your own idiosyncratic love of that thing to your thought-palace. People who were obsessed with Star Trek or the Ender’s Game books were all obsessed with the same object, but its light shone differently on each person. Everyone had to create in their mind unanswered questions or what-ifs. What if Leia, not Luke, had become a Jedi? What happens after Rorschach’s journal is found at the end of Watchmen? What the hell was The Prisoner about?

None of that’s necessary anymore. When everyone has easy access to their favorite diversions and every diversion comes with a rabbit hole’s worth of extra features and deleted scenes and hidden hacks to tumble down and never emerge from, then we’re all just adding to an ever-swelling, soon-to-erupt volcano of trivia, re-contextualized and forever rebooted. We’re on the brink of Etewaf: Everything That Ever Was—Available Forever.” —Patton Oswalt, “Wake up, geek culture. Time to die.”

// “It is impossible to describe insomnia to people who are sound sleepers. These are the people who trust that getting in bed will be followed by falling asleep, as surely as night follows day; these are the fearless people. Sleepless people are a very different breed. They know what insomnia really is: not just the failure to fall asleep, but the fear of that failure. For an insomniac, there is no such thing as a good night. Every evening – even if it eventually, mercifully comes to an end – is shredded by anxiety. To reach sleep the insomniac must first pass through terror.”
—Elizabeth Gumport,

// “On est en 1997, et on est maladroit, parce qu’on est déjà un garçon. On prononce des phrases niaises avec une voix fausse comme celle de Lou Barlow. On a des gestes aussi gauches et lourds qu’une ligne de basse de Pixies. On en fait trop comme une guitare de J. Mascis. On fait trop long et pas précis comme une chanson de Pavement.”
—Noisenews, “Let’s Wrestle: music is my girlfriend”

// big boi vs the black keys (DJ wick-it)
// ABX – just wanna dance yrself clean (jay-z vs LCD soundsystem)
// le DVD “cheap magic inside” de beirut, gratos
// 20 minutes de sommeil en plus